About Us

Integrity and Honesty are Key!

We serve the Southeast. We receive services from others in the Southeast. And most importantly, we live in the Southeast. It’s hard to separate business from personal life, and so we treat our customers with the integrity that we expect in our personal lives. We won’t up-sell clients if the faster speed and more expensive monthly cost is not a direct benefit to the client. We won’t install service to a client’s location if we know that in spring, the leaves and foliage will cripple their service and restrict their speeds. We won’t bang through an install just to get more done in a day, but will rather install correctly, hiding the cabling appropriately, and respecting the customer’s property.

Any Location

With Line of Sight (LOS), we can reach any house in the Coverage Area (check out our coverage map here: Coverage map. Sometimes it’s easy, for those who have little trees surrounding their location. For others with tall trees, that’s not the case, and we need to add additional height.

A Quality Network

Having been in the industry for many years before Swift started, we realized quickly that outages and down times were unacceptable and were easy to avoid. Our core routing equipment and servers are held in two redundant data centers in downtown Winnipeg, allowing us to tie into several national and global upstream providers. Our network is then fed by top tier fiber, provided by Shaw Communications, to Steinbach and Niverville (redundant but unique fiber paths) where it is further distributed to the tower sites. Our network has been designed in rings, to allow multipath routing and fail over redundancy, for maximum uptime. This allows our techs to take links offline for upgrade without affecting the end user! Our towers and tower equipment are updated annually, inspected quarterly, and consistently monitored for uptime and quality of service. Just because you live in a rural setting should not exclude you from great quality, great speed, and great reliability internet service!


With a keen interest in the Internet world, Evan Schroeder began installing and diagnosing internet in the Kleefeld area in 2004. By 2005, Evan was installing for Xplornet, using their fixed wireless platform. Working with several local ISP’s, he began to quickly understand many of the physical limitations provided by the Southeast, and the technological limitations by the providers. In July of 2012, Chill Communications went through an ownership change which resulted in confusion and loss of service. The new owner of Chill requested that we take a look at the Chill network, and attempt to repair its very broken state. Since late 2012, Chill had been managed by Chris Teetaert and Evan Schroeder, to provide technical support and on site expertise. In just under a year, the Chill network had restored network stability, speed, and customer’s trust. In the Fall of 2012, the Chill client base was purchased by Chris and Evan, and merged with the new Swift High Speed. With steady growth, Swift was able to acquire half of the No Limits Internet Solutions network south of the Number 1 highway in Fall of 2016. Upgrades to that network and integration with our own lasted 4 months. Since Spring of 2017, Swift has been focusing on upgrading our core infrastructure and increasing speeds to existing clients as their needs expand!